Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International Women's Day


In a private celebration I was forced to sign a document, the terms of which will almost certainly have me leaving the campus (and Wellington) at the start of winter this year. I just applied for a large grant through the University here, but I guess that some people weren't really taking me seriously. It only takes one or two.

So, where shall I go next? Any ideas?


  1. To the anonymous spammer/commenter who suggested certain physics job recruitment sites: guess what? I have heard of all the sites you mentioned, plus several hundred others. I have posted my CV and other details on many websites, effectively applying for many thousands of specialist jobs. Not one offer. And I'm not expecting any offers, either, because the world is full of people trying to tell me I should do X, Y, Z (every possible thing but Physics, despite it being my field, which I first published in as a young undergraduate). They have been doing this since I was a toddler and I stopped listening to them when I was a toddler. But they never give up.

    To any other potential anonymous cowardus commenters: I do not need your career (or any other) advice. Trust me, you are not qualified to give me advice ... of any kind. When you have spent a lifetime studying and working in low paid jobs (gee, I lost count how many jobs I have held) ... then when you try to tell me about X, Y, Z, maybe I will take you seriously as a thinking being. Not before. Certainly not now. And I don't give a damn who you are or who you think you are ... because you have most probably not earned my respect. And I'm not expecting that you will ever earn my respect, because you're not heading in the right direction. No, not even remotely.

    I just can't imagine how you do it. Do you get up in the morning ... brush your teeth ... and tell your reflection in the mirror that you are ready to face the freaky feminists, and do your duty by putting them in their place? It certainly seems that you are prepared and well practiced ... on autopilot. Oh, I see, that's probably it. Ah, now I remember, there is an enormous body of gender research that proves it ... but you like to keep denying it anyway, don't you?

  2. Document signing?! Sorry to hear about this. Leaving by winter as in the season that starts on winter soltice i.e June 20th? Or Winter as in "winter quarter" which might be a little later?

    I'm still working on getting into grad school. I'm at 5 rejections 4 schools not yet rejected but likely. So I'm looking into 2nd tier (or lower) schools. Of particular interest is getting into grad school at a school that works on the gravity wave experiment here, the LIDO.

    And the gravity essay contest is due at the end of the month. I'm planning on typing up a theory of gravity that will exactly satisfy the equivalence principles and which will give black holes with event horizons, but without the singularity at the center.

  3. You mean LIGO, no? I mean the start of June, which is the traditional start of winter here.


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