Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Theory Update 48

The Pauli spin matrices also satisfy the quandle rules under the conjugation product, but only up to a sign.


  1. I came upon the reason that the Koide equation has to have a square root. I'm not sure if you've seen this as sometimes I miss things. It's due to units.

    When the quantum information people say that spin-x is a complementary variable to spin-z they are ignoring units. Complementary variables should multiply to give h-bar.

    Therefore when you do a calculation using MUBs of spin-1/2 the units are square root of angular momentum. Obtaining an eigenvalue out of that system of equations means your eigenvalue will have units of square root of angular momentum. To get a mass out of the system will require that you square it.

    I think this might remove some theoretical objections to what we're doing.

  2. Nice comment, Carl, but I have long ceased waiting for the objections to stop.


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