Saturday, February 26, 2011

Is it String Theory?

Today Phil writes about why he likes String Theory. He is clearly attempting to discuss physics, as well as mathematics, but one can only assume that the term String Theory alludes to the physics. No one doubts that stringy mathematics is of great interest, and I cannot wait to see it's M theory derivation applied further.

But is it OK to call any physical idea that uses this mathematics String Theory? Even if the physics is totally different? The stringers appear to think so. One gets the impression that even without sparticles, fairy fields or unobservable universes, that it's all still String Theory! So some of them tell me. If it's right, it must be String Theory! The stringers knew about the MINOS results all along! They must have predicted the downfall of the standard cosmology!

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  1. You can always carry on kicking the people in the gutter, but there are other people in this new world of many witnesses, and they are not all so easily fooled.


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