Sunday, January 30, 2011

Theory Update 44

This post is for kneemo, without whom it would not exist. That is, at least one person knows exactly what I am talking about!

A tetractys has an equal number of internal edges and external edges. Thus we can swap the edge weights for these two sets, obtaining a new tetractys.

This tetractys appears as a set of blue triangles in a diagram that begins with a hexagon. The hexagon has an internal triangle, just like the chorded hexagon that marks a square face on an associahedron polytope in dimension $3$. Dual to this chorded hexagon is a pink diagram, selecting $3$ pentagons and $3$ squares, namely $6$ faces of the associahedron.


  1. How about color coding the exceptional curves?

  2. Oooo, naughty, kneemo! I thought you weren't ready to talk about that ...


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