Saturday, January 1, 2011

Theory Update 30

Now we can put the $9$ edge hexagon into the tetractys of commuting three qutrit paths, by placing the three chords on an outside edge.
This leaves room for the neutrinos and the charged leptons. That is, the $10$ vertices of the tetractys expand the $8$ vertices of an ordinary parity cube.

The charged lepton words ($XXX$, $YYY$ and $ZZZ$) should all have three charged strands for a total charge of $3$. Recall the embedding of the two qutrit paths into the tetractys. Usually we place the two qutrit hexagon in a corner of the tetractys, but we can choose instead to map it to the quark hexagon as shown. Then the path counts on the original hexagon, namely $1$ (for $XX$) or $2$ (for $XY$ and $YX$), are attached to the quarks as charges.


  1. The genetic code (XXX *YYY etc) can be seen as 4x4x4 divided by 3, results arranged in a trigon, + one side invisible/implicit, giving 20 AA instead of 24?

    The same pic as for neutrinos?

  2. Ulla,

    to understand what this most interesting diagram is one should take the precaution of being born with 3 left hands and 3 right hands that somehow divide the higher spaces.


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