Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another Thought

Around two years ago the gossip of the day, amongst professionals, was about how a certain supersymmetry guru had managed to get guarantees regarding a new building for physics written into his contract. Let's just acknowledge that some researchers are highly valued. Meanwhile, new physics anomalies, all unpredicted by Susy, are being released at an alarming rate.

They say that 2011 is the last year of a world. Let's hope so. Then, it seems there is little I can do at present. With only a few CDs, I have a tendency to listen to Verdi's Dies Irae on my laptop, over and over again. That is some comfort, I suppose.


  1. Re: Verdi -- that's sad. Rather it were Brindisi or "Sempre libera".

    I finally broke down this evening a bought the complete Bachianas Brasileiras from iTunes. Wish I could share "O trenzinho do Caipira" to remind you you're the Little Train Who Could.

  2. Can what exactly? Predict the downfall of the stringers? That was easy. Getting even one professional to pay a wee bit of attention, however ... is clearly impossible.

  3. That's for you to know and us to find out.
    My glib answer to a difficult question only you can answer. But don't worry too much about people's downfall or getting attention from those whose self-interest blinds them. The rest of us have the same problem with global warming and a host of other issues.

  4. Barry, it is precisely the 'host of other problems' that bothers me. If these morons can pander to self-interest to this degree, in this age, what hope is there?

  5. I don't have a lot of hope to offer. Check out Reg Morrison's website regmorrison.id.au for the centuries long view. Just meant to cheer you up a little. But as I'm probably having the opposite effect, I'll be quiet now. Sorry.

  6. No need to be sorry. You are most welcome to comment here. Now I must get back to figuring out where I am going to live next ...


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