Monday, December 6, 2010

More Atiyah

Since somebody in a similar time zone likes to delete my comments at The Cafe, and since Alejandro was so keen on seeing Atiyah's newest slides, let us thank David Corfield for generously providing a link! One of Atiyah's slides is shown below. There are many photos and quotes (all of men), and not so many equations, but Atiyah does certainly seem very interested in quantum gravity.


  1. I wonder which theory Atiyah is referring to on slide 17 (Magic Square) when he states the following:

    "Candidate for combined theory for E8
    Well-defined, finite (cut-off)
    Related to Connes for 1, 2, 3"

  2. "So it is left to the older generation like me to speculate. The same friend who likened string theory to poetry encouraged me to have wild ideas, saying ”you have nothing to lose!” That is true, I have my PhD. I do not need employment and all I can lose is a bit of my reputation. But then allowances are made for old-age, as in the case of Einstein when he persistently refused to concede defeat in his battle with Niels Bohr." Atiyah and Moore, A Shifted View of Fundamental Physics 16.9.

    There are surely more old men that could talk. Lubos is so wrong when he wants to eliminate the discussion. Instead it is the discussion of also sometimes crazy ideas that lead forward.

    Interesting also that Atiyah goes to the sixties...


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