Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Theory Update 14

Recall that Dave showed us the up quarks and the leptons on two related triangles. In the figure below, we add the rough position of the down quark triplet. It is tempting to place these points on the lepton lines, as indicated. High school homework problem: what down triplet masses would this predict?


  1. The answer: the down quark masses don't work if we do this. They seem to like $r = 1.76$ and $\theta = 4/27$, as noted previously. However, an angle of around $3/27$ gives a point on the line that is close to the radius $1.76$ circle.

  2. When I see these I think of Lisi's rotations with his E8.
    I have also seen this kind of circular approach in metaphysics. I'll try to find it.

  3. Ulla, $E8$ is a classical symmetry which is lying around somewhere, but Lisi's way of looking at the physics is not particularly useful. As kneemo has pointed out, the $3 \times 3$ non linear Jordan algebra representation is far more closely related to the category theory and quantum gravity.

    And by the way, please stop posting irrelevant links on my blog. I am getting tired of deleting them.

  4. Of course Lisis E8 isn't good, I just thought of HOW he did it. When one stir at something it is difficult to see it otherwise, that's why.
    What do you mean with irrelevant links? Like this one? Or my bloglink? It is you who decide.
    It is impossible for me to know what you know.

  5. Never mind then. It's just that you are often off topic in a way that even you must appreciate.

  6. Well, I am no expert. Also my brain works in an unusual way maybe. Often, like this, I see a pattern, then something else that reminds me of it, like Lisis E8 and its rotations, then I start to combine and take apart, link together. It may seem quite irrational.

    I hope I don't get you in trouble?

  7. Ulla, I'm sure my brain works that way as well ... I am just not so talkative.


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