Friday, October 29, 2010

MINOS Neutrinos Again

The set of neutrino and antineutrino Koide masses that we have been using gives a slightly too large value for the neutrino $\Delta m^2$. Note that for a slightly smaller scale parameter, the agreement with MINOS is better. That is, setting $\mu = 0.00985$, we obtain:

$\nu:$ $\Delta m^2 = 2.42$
$\overline{\nu}:$ $\Delta m^2 = 3.29$

in units of $10^{-3} eV^2$. As far as I can tell, MINOS have yet to publish these preliminary results. At this scale, the masses (in $eV$) are

$\nu:$ $0.04994$, $0.00038$, $0.00878$
$\overline{\nu}:$ $0.05736$, $0.00115$, $0.00059$

which are pretty close to previous estimates. Now if we want to fix the $0.00115$, so that it better agrees with the CMB, we need only to adjust the phase slightly downwards, to (for antineutrinos) something like $2/9 - \pi/12 - 0.0008$.

Update: Graham D points out that we cannot upset that $0.001165$ eV, lol! All right then, so MINOS probably need to correct their error bars.

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