Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Up North II

If feminists complain in public, there are usually several thousand well fed white guys around ready to tell them they should stop complaining and be grateful they didn't fight in some war. I've been told to behave myself for over 40 years, and it really is getting quite tiresome. The idea that maybe I have actually earned some respect is, well, well off their radar. So why do we complain? It makes us hated everywhere, as we well know, and it doesn't help us in any way whatsoever. We do it for the younger women. There was no internet when we were young, and nobody told us what we would be up against, so we learned slowly. The younger women will be better prepared. Now the fat boys can keep on moaning, but they can no longer silence the voice of Big Sister.


  1. I was told today that I had to ask permission to order shit from a non-supervisory douchecanoe who's afraid that his sorry ass will be scooped by me on his totally shit non-related project that I want NOTHING to do with. Permission, ok? [insert cheesy shit eating grin] "May I please scoop your sorry pathetic insecure whiny ass to the shitter?" awesome! I'm still cracking up at the faces he made at me. Kindergarten flashbacks. Fight (l)egos with (l)ego-smashing hammers. My boss was not amused. He was busy posturing and pretending to be a leader, while the boyz were pissing out their turf boundaries like ankle-biting mutts. I was once a zookeeper intern, I don't scoop shit anymore. It stinks. And douchecanoe has no idea who he's fucking with. GAME ON FREAK.

    I'm tired too Kea. Thanks for being a sister. jc

  2. Hi, JC, yeah it does get tiresome when they seem to have no effing clue who they're talking to ... like we should be more considerate? Bozos don't even know the MEANING of the word considerate. (I'm actually one of the most considerate people on the planet, and anyone who really knows me would tell you that). Can't say I've literally scooped animal shit for a job, but I've done just about everything else. I think I would prefer to scoop animal shit than clean up several tanks of putrid rotting food. That is unpleasant. Toilets are not as bad. In fact, in one restaurant the local bully would make me clean the toilets each afternoon, not realising that it was an enormous relief to me to get away from the people for half an hour. Anyway, keep well.


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