Monday, September 27, 2010

Neutrinos and Supernovae V

Those of you who have been following Graham D's noble effort to educate the general public about the new cosmology, before a single stringer or loopy cottons onto it, may be beginning to ponder the implications for dark matter. One wonders how anyone can take whackalinos seriously anymore.

But we must be careful not to view this neutrino (and black hole) mass mechanism in terms of an aether. One heavily criticised experiment to have reported a positive low energy result for dark matter is the DAMA experiment, which has searched for an annular modulation in dark matter flux. The results are often discussed in what sounds like an aether of dark matter particles, but this betrays a classical mode of thinking that does not capture the other worldliness of the neutrino interactions. The Earth is simply in a different gravitational configuration within the galaxy at different times of the year. DAMA is so far unique in carrying out this kind of test. See their newest results.

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