Monday, September 13, 2010

Neutrinos and Supernovae II

Graham D at Galaxy Zoo has a classical, but extremely good, understanding of the new cosmology. Here is a quote from Aug 9:
The implication of mass charge difference for chiral neutrinos is staggering. We have to go back to Aristotle, Newton and then on to Einstein to understand what we mean by mass, mass energy. Galileo didn't have to actually do the Tower of Pisa experiment and Aristotle knew why. Different balls in weight fall at the same rate. You know it and the lunar experiment with a feather and a lunar rock confirm it. Even today the force of gravity is examined at tinier distances in the sub millimetre range; no effect is apparent ... for all matter, even elements made of electrons and nuclei with quark compositions, and let me say all of the same (universal?) lopsided or cack handed L chiral form. Only in former supersymmetric models are their yet undiscovered counterparts theoretically predicted. There's a lot to unlearn. For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. Well if we made those balls from either a L and R neutrino counterpart, and not as a mix, or placed them as billiard balls on the table, we would be dumbstruck.

Everywhere, every nook and cranny of the universe is stuffed full of these vacuum particles; real particles and not virtual particles, although they are in dynamic equilibrium with them. They form and annihilate incessantly, in your blood and in the depths of space, constantly emitting a black body spectrum of radiation. With just enough energy to create and annihilate each other they are created with very low velocities, ie. they are cold neutrinos, and are not to be confused with hot neutrinos or fast movers with great kinetic energy in earlier and hotter times, that are exchanging this kinetic energy with increasing potential energy during universal expansion. At all times the total energy of the system is conserved, whether at universal scale or a thermodynamic system on a much more local scale. How local? Down to $10^{-18}$m, and that's a small distance scale compared to a millimetre, or the confines of a single atom. All matter types, whether normal matter or dark matter, flow through this false vacuum residue, that is nominally whatever it was conceived to be: the quark antiquark supercondensate, metric, ether.

Vacuum matter is created and annihilates more or less at rest. All other matter flows through it and is subjected to an inertial drag. We see the glow of this creation and annihilation; the electron neutrinos annihilate to produce a photon with an energy equivalent to a thermal bath at $0.89$ Kelvin. These are $8$ fold more abundant in number than our L antineutrino world. However, each of our less numerous L antineutrinos pack in a total $90$ fold more energy, with a glow of a thermal bath everywhere. Photons don't penetrate far, acquiring mass in a superconductor analogy, but this asymmetric glow from R/L antineutrinos is everywhere, at the centre of the Earth as well as the bloodstream and it glows at a thermal bath temperature which hopefully ... the penny has dropped? Of $2.737$ Kelvin.
That's not quite $2.725$ K, but I have no doubt that Graham is thinking hard about this!

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