Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Rios Paper

On the subject of information theoretic black holes, Michael Rios has a new arxiv preprint: Jordan $C^{*}$ algebras and Supergravity. From the conclusion:
Surely there are further applications for Jordan algebraic structures based on the bioctonions, and it is interesting to consider the direct physical interpretations of such structures in M Theory.


  1. Equation (5) will be especially familiar to our readers.

  2. Hmm, kneemo, that Bianchi, Ferrara, Kallosh paper looks interesting.

  3. Yes, it is deeply interesting. In the paper, the non-perturbative states with vanishing quartic invariant, i.e., I_4(Q)=0, are those states which, upon being transformed to canonical form (under E7 U-Duality), only consist of M brane charges and have a vanishing NUT charge or vanishing KK momentum along the M-theory circle.


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