Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quote of the Week

Our views of the physical world are changing rapidly. Humanity's continuing search for coherent structures in physics, biology, and cosmology has frequently led to surprises as well as confusion. Discovering new phenomena is one thing, putting them into context with other pieces of knowledge, and inferring their fundamental consequences is quite something else. There are controversies, differences of opinion, and sometimes even religious feelings which come into play. These should be discussed openly.
From the website of the journal Foundations of Physics, which appears to have accepted Carl Brannen's paper on spin path integrals. Congratulations, Carl.


  1. Humans have an peculiar capacity to understand everything on the contrary to what it eg. are. Much would be better if we turned our world wiev upside down for a while. At least this is true in biology. Maybe one reason is that we are self centered humans?

  2. Ulla, yes, ego causes a great many problems. I propose that all people who have been paid to do full time professional physics for more than 10 years spend the next 3 or 4 years waiting tables and cleaning toilets. That should teach them some manners.

  3. Well,I didn't thought of cleaning toilets :D

    It is true that most of the toilet cleaning are made by women, although men produce more dirt :)

    I thought it in a general way. Humans are so 'special' and their IQ are most special of all. But in reality maybe IQ isn't so special.

    Was this wise???


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