Thursday, May 20, 2010

F Theory

Our commenter Mitchell is keen to link our mixing matrices to phenomenology from F Theory. Recall that F Theory is a $12$ dimensional theory, so for us this is the $12$ dimensions we get from counting, say, quarks, or the $12$ dimensions we get from counting marked points and holes on the three complex moduli of twistor dimension, namely $M(0,6)$, $M(1,3)$ and $M(2,0)$. Anyway, lo and behold, Mottle writes today about a brand new arxiv paper on Fuzzy F Theory ... and why the number $24$ should be taken seriously (by stringers at least) as an exact coupling parameter.

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  1. To quote their abstract: "The value of $1/g$ is predicted to be equal to the number of fuzzy points on the internal 4-cycle." They mean $24$. Here, the word 'fuzzy' is just a fuzzy stringy term for geometry that is not classical.

    The wrapping of $7$ branes brings to mind my all time favourite homotopy group, namely $\pi_{7} (S^4)$. Ah, this brings back memories. Back in, oh probably around 1996, I was proposing thesis topics to some stringy people in Australia, and I was keen to look at a topological theory that was like a 7D version of 3D Chern Simons theory. Anyway, this would have been a very interesting thing to work on, but nobody thought so at the time and I was eventually forced to leave the university in Sydney for lack of a supervisor, lol.


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