Friday, April 16, 2010


We can't let Carl Brannen have all the publishing fun! I just posted a mind bogglingly easy to read preprint. It has been submitted, but we know what the likelihood of publishing success is these days.


  1. Dr Sheppeard, the essential advantage of uploading a paper to as opposed to (which allows easier PDF acquisition, since you don't need to log on to an account before downloading) is being able to embed the document within blogs, by copying and inserting the "embed" code, from the "Share and Embed" box on the right hand side at

    So you seem to be getting the worst of all worlds, nobody wants to go look at a document on in unreadably small size. If you embedded it, at least people could preview in in your blog post without leaving your site. If they want to read your report, they have to create and account on scribd, log in and download the PDF. They could do that faster if you upload to

  2. Good point, anon! I just emailed a copy to the arXiv.

  3. P.S. Section 5 has an error, which I will get around to fixing up sometime ...


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