Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dear Uncle Sam

Dear American Universities

In order to apply for most research grants I require a host institution with a research office. Is there one physics department in the U.S. who would consider taking me on, should I obtain funding? I have found that writing to individuals is a time consuming and futile process. Current expectations are that I will remain on the job wanted list until I expire, at which point I will doubtless cease blogging.

I know many of you think I should give it up and go play nursery games with my nieces and nephews, like a proper woman, but that would require me becoming another person, and although I know it is possible for people to change, I have this strange, compelling reluctance to be somebody else.



  1. Speaking of women who do quantum information theory, quantum gravity, category theory, etc., I've just noticed a new paper from Paola Zizzi; her thesis actually.

  2. Mitchell, thanks for the nice link, but note that this is a Mathematics thesis.

  3. Hi alien.
    I also feel very alien sometimes. As I would live on the wrong planet :) I must lagh at this :D
    Maybe I am? Who knows?

    Don't give it up. You are very clever.

  4. My story is actually in direct violation of many articles of CEDAW, such as Article 11 1(c): The right to free choice of profession and employment, the right to promotion, job security and all benefits and conditions of service and the right to receive vocational training and retraining, including apprenticeships, advanced vocational training and recurrent training.

  5. Kea, you are not friendless. If I knew *any* physics anywhos, I'd do some networking for you. Hang in there, I'm pulling for you.
    jc from MsPhD's pad

  6. Gee, thanks JC, and everyone else.

  7. Do you have any actual evidence that you are missing out on jobs because of your sex? It seems very unlikely.

  8. Continued best wishes on the job hunt. From experience, it can take many years for a woman to find a good position. In the meantime, teaching English in Taiwan? Tour guide at Space Center Houston? Instructor at science Summer camp? Dolphin Quest? I've considered all those at one time.

  9. Rhys, here, I'll go get my MICROSCOPE to count the number of women physics professors. Better yet, I'll grab my CALCULATOR to get the itty bitty ratio of women/men physics professors for you. Public service announcement: remove head from ass.

  10. Heh, Louise, some of those jobs sound OK, but I would never get into the U.S. on that score. Anyway, hope to see you there one day. And thanks JC. I'm not even going to bother providing links to research on gender issues in STEM fields when people persist in being so ignorant.


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